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House Bill 5


Under House Bill 5, students have the opportunity to earn endorsements in various career pathways. Students have the ability to earn one or more endorsements as part of their graduation requirements.

Endorsements are course sequences that are grouped together by skill set. They provide students with in-depth knowledge in a given subject area. 

Students may earn endorsements in one or more of the 5 areas:

  • STEM
  • Business & Industry
  • Public Service
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Multi-Disciplinary 

To learn more about the programs of study in which students may earn endorsements, please visit the Programs of Study webpage on the CTE webpage:

Cleburne ISD CTE Programs of Study

Performance Acknowledgements 

The advantages of earning a performance acknowledgment

Students have the opportunity to earn Performance Acknowledgements under HB5. Performance Acknowledgements are distinctions earned above & beyond the requirements for graduation in the state of Texas. Students earning Performance Acknowledgements will have those added to their transcript as a permanent record of their achievements. Earning a Performance Acknowledgement is especially helpful in highlighting a student's achievements to potential colleges & universities. 

Students in Cleburne ISD may earn Performance Acknowledgements in the following areas:

  • Earning dual credit
  • Bilingualism & Biliteracy
  • AP Exams 
  • PSAT, SAT & ACT scores

Distinguished Level of Achievement

Whether you intend to pursue a high-demand, industry workforce credential from a community college or technical school or a traditional four-year degree from a college or university, the choices you make in high school will determine your future options. To best prepare yourself for the post-secondary transition, choosing the right courses is essential & TEA recommends that students choose courses that will lead to a Distinguished Level of Achievement in order to best prepare them for post-secondary success. 

The Distinguished Level of Achievement is earned by meeting all graduation requirements, earning at least one endorsement & taking Algebra 2. In order to be considered for the top 10% automatic admissions into Texas public colleges & universities (to know more, visit the CISD CCR webpage). 

 TEA HB5 Webpage


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