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Library Expectations

Library rules

  1. Have something to actively work on, study, or read.

  2. During class visits, technology is for academic purposes only.

  3. No eating allowed. No open drinks.
  4. No gathering in aisles. Please find a seat besides the floor.
  5. Talk quietly & respect those working around you.
  6. Reminder: This is a safe space for all students to learn & study.

Library hours

For book check-in/check-out

Monday-Friday from 7:45AM-4:00PM

During lunch:

The library is open for students most days during 4th-7th period on a first come, first serve basis. A library pass is required (available from the hall monitor outside the library each lunch period). Please surrender the pass at the front desk and leave your first name and student ID number on the attendance sheet. Upon leaving the library, have a library aide remove your name from the attendance roster, and pick up a pass to return to the hall monitor. Eating and open beverages are not allowed in the library. The last 5 minutes of each lunch period is a no-passing time. 

Available services of the library

  1. Resource Curation: Gather print/digital resources.
  2. Collaboration: Help you brainstorm.
  3. Instructional Literacy Partner: Research Skills.
  4. Promote reading & check out materials.
  5. Brain Break Activities: Games, Puzzles, Etc.

Contact us

Rachel Slimp, Librarian